Looking for people to add so that we can exchange gear as we play

Gamertag TheMrEagle
Like the topic says I just want friends on that are willing to share more loot with each other. That will help each other farm for builds and anything else.

Sent you a friend request, looking for people to play with too

I’ll send you a friend request as well just got back into the game after 7 months . so much new stuff it’s hard to catch up

Add RayMaker34. We can all farm and trade.

Tossing an invite your day

Happy to play, farm and trade. On all the time. Add me, Cowwyydude

Looking to re-farm everything, i just power-leveled to lvl.60. IXI Shyn3 IXI is my GT

Add chef boy jp#1164

I just posted a giveaway list in another topic so check out wha5 I am tossing away.

In general, my only search is SNTL Cryo on pretty much anything but my core search now is these weapons with that annoint:
Redistributor (Rad/Shock preferred)
Soulrender (Kinetic)
Flipper - Shock
Lightshow - Shock