Looking for people to game with

Yes, this game has been out for quite some time and I’ve beaten it a couple of times on the PS4 now and countless times on the 360. In saying that, none of my friends play it anymore and I’m on a serious kick of it and am looking for people to simply play with. I have a 55 commando and plan on making a siren after so just post here if you’re kind of in the same boat. I like playing solo but also enjoy some company.

I will play with you my name in psn: Madeofline

All right, cool. Adding you now.

I’ll play. I just got the handsome collection recently so no high level characters unfortunately. But my psn is WhiteKidInBlack

ill play if you ever wanna make new characters cause i dont have any high level ones my psn is DarknessWillRis_

My psn is ace34_96
I’m playing the pre sequel. I have a level 18 right now pretty much starting out but I’m looking for people to play with though.

I to level 18 in Pre squel


What level is your pre sequel character at? I’ll add you if you wanna play

I haven’t played the pre sequel yet as I mainly bought it for BL2 but I do plan on playing it at some point. I have before just not on PS4 and not as much as BL2.

Feel free to add me where_is_mollyy

I just bought the collection yesterday so i have a level 8 in presequel. I need some friends to play. Add me: SNUBKILLER75

@kgould01 cool man well I’m mostly into bl2 as of right now. Haven’t played that since the last gen and don’t have intentions to play it that soon as I’d like to get a couple high level characters on bl2 first. If you’d like to play that I’d be more than willing to help you out. I have a ton of legendaries and a 56/53 commando/siren respectively.

I’m down to join as well as my save file got corrupted on PS3 and started over on PS4.

my PSN is JSLness

@JSLness sounds good dude. I’m at work now but I’ll be home in about 2 hours and I’ll add you guys.

Sounds good man, look forward to it. I’ll be on a bit later than you since
I get off work in about 6 hrs :frowning:

@JSLness I’d imagine I will still be in for a couple hours after your home.

Thats fine. I havent started a bl2 character yet. I will just switch between the games

Feel free to add me on psn. Trial_by_Combat
Level 37 commando just looking to play with company.

I’d like to join you. PSN mattymo35