Looking for people to go through all the games and dlcs with

Yo this is the summer before I go to college and I’ve played all the games so much but never 4 people at once so I’m looking for people to do one last big playthrough with me. Message me asap I wanna start today!!!

Hey u starting from fresh

Yes sir

On what console bud

Xbox one

I’m down GT?

Im up for it

Niox Chaos

Add me Niox Chaos

I’ll be on really soon and am totally down to play
GT: Crispychiken x

I’d be down. Have you started already?

Yay but add me maybe we can do pre sequel

What’s your gamer tag?

Add me @ o0skyywalker0o

I’m not on right now add me at Niox Chaos

If anyone is playing today I’ll join. Gt is same as name.