Looking for People to Join a Group

Hi everyone, I am here to ask everyone that is interested in joining my group on the LINE app. It is a group that I created In hopes that everyone can log onto the chat and then join up with people while playing battleborn upon release and onward. That way you will NEVER have to run with randoms and risk losing. Although I do ask that you try to respect callouts if one is made and be respectful. Please leave your ingame display name ( on the LINE app )below and I will invite you to the group. The prefered platform that I will be playing on in the Xbox One. But everyone that plays battleborn is welcome to join the group. If I cannot find you I will private message you and we will work out the kinks. Feel free to ask me questions below or through PM. Thanks!!

Hey man I’m down ; J MasTer G

I have line and will join