Looking for people to mess aroung with bl2

Like the thread says im just looking for sime people who want to have a fun time playing a great game, i prefer if you have a mic but its not neccisary, i currently have a op8 sal, 51 gaige, 26 kreig, and a few other low levels. Willing to help out with bassicaly anythjng from farming tubbies to raid bosses to powerlevleing (SOME) my gt is Coltzk95

add my gt frixity have a couple op 8s

I’m down for playing but only have a 62 gaige finished uvhm or a 53 kreig finished tvhm gt: nuckelz38 have a mic an skyways online

Thats not a problem! Id be more that happy to help you get your gaige up, ill add ya later on today

Ill add ya both!