Looking for people to play and enjoy BL2

Yup. As in the title. Want someone to play with me . My prefered characters are krieg (61 lvl) and axton (55 lvl). I have GOTY version of BL2. If you are interested, type your steam profile link in comments. :slight_smile:

HEY! I was looking for someone to level my Axton (lvl 32) but if it’s too low a level i understand.

If you are interested though I’ll generally be free on the 13th and 14th of april and would enjoy doing quests and/or farming.

Steam account: CrispyCut

It’s okay :slight_smile: I can powerlevel you if you want to like 55 and then we could play normally. Send me your Steam profile link we will play :slight_smile:

I’m not sure if the link will work but still try it