Looking for people to play BL2 with!

Ima 63 mech but I’m willing to start a new character if people want. My GT: Crunk Thalis hit me up if you wanna play

Sure, add me: AD214N, just got the game couple days ago. Level 50? Siren playing normal mode, just got Jacks voice emulator on the story mission.

If you are already level 50, and still in Normal mode, you are going to have some issues with leveling. Most players complete the 1st playthru (Normal Mode) at about level 30. Enemies tend to cap at level 50, by the end of TVHM. While TVHM will initially be easier, you will get less EXP and won’t really get good EXP towards increasing your level until you reach UVHM where the enemies scale to your current level.

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add me gt xxIx ChgunkyxxIx (their I’s not L’s). Will start new as well but also have a 54 on uvhm

Add me weedpanties is my gamertag


I’ve just finished BL2 on normal with Siren, started TVHM (over levelled though). Stared TPS and played 5 mins with clap