Looking for people to play BL3 on PC

I am looking for people to play Borderlands 3 with on the PC platform.

Epic ID: kevintheplumber

I’m an older gamer (45). I try to play daily and play M4 mode. Amara.

U can add me if u wanna, ID : Theaussieman playing all characters M4, playing Europe.

Epic ID: Bra2ha_
M4, Europe, Zane

Epic: Brewmaster 132

Play fl4k and moze, working on amara. Just finished dlc on m4 as moze

Hi. I’m an Amara player. Usually I play every day, add me. Epic ID: n_tamas91
From Europe also.

I’m in Canada. I play Zane on M4 (mostly). Trying to do the Takedown, but having no luck with Match Making.

I received your Epic friend request. As a matter of fact, you’re the ONLY person I have on my list xD.
Friends my age Don t play video games.

You might be surprised how many people in your age group play the game. I play with a gaming community that has a wide range of age groups and we are always looking for more people to play with us.

Just wondering what ages are u talking about )

I’m 55. :slight_smile:

Hey y’all, add me: Margoraider

I’m only 42 )

42?!? They’re so cute at that age. :laughing:

Well this is cool :slight_smile:
Thought maybe everyone was mostly teens and twenties.
People I’m friends with IRL Don t play video games. Lol

older guy here too, almost 40, and looking for like minded players, so hit me up if you want.

Epic: Vin Blake
Belgium, Europe

edit: might aswell send some fr’s to some of you guys, instead of waiting for a reply here