Looking for people to play co-op!

Most of my friends who have TPS have moved on to other games and the few that still play only do so rarely. If anyone wants to play, post or PM your PSN and i’ll add you ASAP.

Also, I really wish I didn’t have to ask this but enough games have been ruined for it to become necessary…

Please, please observe basic etiquette (No cheating, no hoarding, don’t mess with missions and don’t rush).

What types of characters do you have? What level ranges? I have a variety of characters myself and would love to contribute!
PSN: ruler2k2k2

My main is Xiphos Athena, she’s almost at level 51.

The others are…

Riflewoman/FtH Nisha (49)
Boomtrap/ILYG Clappy (25 I think)
Huntress Aurelia (24)

Wilhelm and “Jack” are at level 14 right now, I haven’t decided how i’ll build them yet though.

I’ve been primarily playing TPS solo and have been itching to get a true four-player experience. I’ve got a CS Athena nearly at 51, a level 50 Timothy, a 36 Wilhelm, a 32 Nisha who hasn’t started TVHM yet, and a 22 Clappy.

(EDIT: I’ve been too busy with real-life goings-on lately, if you send me a friend request I likely won’t even be online to read it. Sorry!)

Me and my wife play, username ckt07. Mainly looking for the sub level 13 trophy. I’m a level 50 claptrap with a lvl 13 Athena. She uses a lvl 50 Athena.

I need that one too, IIRC it requires 4 people to use the E-GUN at the same time. I’ll send a FR when I can.

I need Help for the Trophy too my PSN account is LordofDarknnes my PM is 16.30 in Athens

oh yes my players Claptrap 54 Nisa43 D Jack 31 Wilhelm 13 and Athena 4

Looks like our etiquettes comply pretty great. I just started Let’s Build Robot Army so if your Jack or Wilhelm (preferrably Jack) would want to join feel free to!

BTW where do you live? I’m from Finland myself.

I’ve just finished UVHM with Jack but my Wilhelm is almost at the same point in the game as you. I’ll have to catch up before I join you. I’m from England btw.

Is your PSN the same as it is here?

Yup! Also you should probably check out my own request thread for rules. But like I said they seem pretty much like yours.

Just gave it a quick read, the rules you set are reasonable. If it’s ok I’ll add you tomorrow.

Hi! Interested of starting a new character or higher lvl-one and play co-op?

add: fazerfoul

What Lv Character ?

Add me PSN JONESHOUSE22, Also do you have a mic?

I added a couple of you guys but if anyone wants to do the ghostbusters trophy or play the pre sequel, send me an inv. my psn is darkpriestxx. I’m not far in the 2nd yet and not rushing it. It’s my first play through so I’m just enjoying the story. The pre sequel I finished though and I’m a lvl 40 clap trap.