Looking for people to play on PS4

The title says it all. In new to the game but in level 40 at the time of this post and I’m trying to play PvE with the match making what it is, leaves a lot to be desired. So my own is OkamiRyuken send me a friend request and ill be down to play

I believe this post belongs in the PS4 Co-op session of the forums found here;


As for the content, feel free to add me on PSN and I’ll join you and can try and help you with whatever you might want/need help with!

PSN: SirWalrusCrow

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Ill add you :slight_smile:
If anyone else need help add me.


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If you’re looking for teammates, I can help. I’m always up for a little PvE every now and again.

PSN: Phoenix-2613

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