Looking for People to Play whit me from stzart to the Beginning PC (German speaking if Possible)

Well i played lots of Borderlands 2 Alone looking all ways for people to play whit me Hopefully i have here a chance i want to play trough the game in every DLC whit Every Side Mission done i hope i finally found some People

German, huh?
Do you want to play only normal or up to uvhm and op8?

Just leave me a message on steam. ID: Meiyouan

Well Start Normal to OP8 ( Dont even have any Char at 72 Yet)

Could i still join for coop.
i can understand german but speaking it is not that great.
And have most of the DLC
If you want to play for coop send me an invite steam. ID: spiky1996

I would really like to enjoy the game with some guys a last time before my tour around the world starts.

It would be nice to know wich character you want to play. And are you going to find everything by yourself or is it ok for you if you use items from other characters?

So just add me on steam. ID: meiyouan