Looking for people to play with. 1 or multiple

Have a op8 zerker, 67 siren, 45 zer0 and willing to start new characters. Don’t have a mic :frowning: add my psn: hlmbigdaddy4 (excuse how bad it is) All DLCs but some of the head hunters and skins.

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I want to play the borderlands 2 story co-op with someone. I just got it and im a lvl 13 Mechromancer

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Hi Leute,

ich schließe mich der Suche nach Leuten - überwiegend Nachaktiv (ab 22 Uhr)
Meine Chars:
Psycho lvl 10
Mechromancer lvl 15
Zero lvl 30
Maya LvL 1
PSN: CP961992WB I Play this week on wednesday 13.12.17 - at 4 pm.

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Only got 1 character. New to the game. Commando lv45.
Got mic.
Trying to plat this game so any help would be appreciated.

I have a mechromancer lvl 50, cero around 22, maya 10 and want to make a commander, if gonna start from cero, I could make that commander and level up togheter. PSN: KREITT.

I have a lvl 72 Gunzerker and I need some people to play with on PS3
PSN: norma_007