Looking for people to play with/farm/Trade ps3

My Psn is vegas_kid23 pretty new to the game but i know about most things already

Sure friend me at Senseifire146 and ill play with you around 4-5

i hav Mic do u

I’m up for it I sent you a request PSN: H-two-O
I have a mic if that matters

I have a mic too

Anyone got a lvl 50 maggie,conference call,norfleet, for trade

No Sorry

I have a slagged conference call if you want it

Alright wat would you like in return i have bee,veruc,lyuda,unkempt harold, slagga

Nothing in return. My gamer tag is, the_legend_2059

Alright thanks I’ll request you later

Add me Mr.txbl409

I’ll request you

Ok hope to play with yw

Alright maybe later on today

Anyone on am online

Later i wil be on

Ok I sent u a friend request

Hey i am going on right now so add me

Am level 61 now so any body wanna help to 72