Looking for people to play with in a friendly manner

Anyone mature, and can play oftenish. I dont want just a one time play, i want to make friends. Please no swearing though. Message me, or comment for my psn.

This is on ps4, unsure how to edit a post on here.

Moved it for you. Good luck.


ye id be down only have a lvl 68 though so unless your up there i could start a new toon

I play a lot on both games (and Destiny, Dying Light), but mainly tues-fri. I’ve got several characters ready for UVHM on BL2, and still need to start several characters in TPS with 2 ready to start TVHM.
I’ve got a mic, and have been known to swear, but add me anyway if you want.

ps4- Mtdude

added you im Pandagamer0915

Wont be on tonight, possibly tommorow, but i will add those who still wish to. Im currently level 25