Looking for people to play with me!

I am not really new to playing borderlands but it’s been awhile. I just got the handsome collection and looking. For people to play with seeing as my husband won’t lol. I can usually only play at night (eastern standard time)

I play between 9pm and 12:30am EST. My wife does not play, so I have several online friends I play the game with. I am in the process of loading the game up to the Xbox one now and should have the game loaded and saves transferred in a few days

Hey! I’m down to play. I’m usually on later around 8:30/9:00PM eastarn time. My GT is TimeyWimeyGamer

Sweet! Are you down for creating a new character?

You down for creating a new character?

Yeah totally! I love Borderlands so I’m down for whatever haha

Awesome! I’ll add you in a bit and we can play!

Okay awesome! I should be on at 8:15

Yes, willing to create a new toon, after I get every thing loaded and some saves transferred. may still be a day or so till able to play.

Heard, hit me up when you’re good to go. My gamer tag is cheesypizzadog (my husbands idea not mine. )

Hey I’ve been trying to add you but it says there’s no GT with that name :frowning: sorry

Ah it would seem I spelt it wrong. It’s cheezypizzadog. Silly me. :upside_down_face: