Looking for people to play with on 360

I been kinda getting tired of playing solo all the time and am looking to find people to play with. I mostly play on bl2 but, I recently got bl1 and tps. Basically just looking for people to hangout with open to almost anything.
My gt on xbox is Simply Derpy

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Feel free to join me anytime. I’ll send you a friend request on XBL Monday afternoon when I get back in town.

If you can handle my english, count me in.

GT: VegetaValpo

add me if u want PeterL2014

you can add me as well.

My tag is DovahSentinel feel free to add me

GT Hekto Srox has mic

I got BL2 feel free to add my brother and I. My GT is WiggedDrake53 and his is Sticky Hand Joe

Could you play later today? It’s 8:23am here and I have highschool until 2:45pm, will be on from 3-5:00pm. GT: WiggedDrake53