Looking for people to play with on Borderlands 2 on the ps4

I only have one friend with the game and he seems to never play the game anymore. I would like nothing more than to have someone to play the game with.

My psn name is NexGenCN just send me an invite.

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I need help on the raid but i will play with you

Add me, my ID is Karevoa. I will be happy to!

k sent you a request

psn: aceshigh2890
would be happy to play just need help getting to 72

Add me man my psn : Chaos_Sorcerer_6
I get on atleast everyday except for sunday!!

I’m looking for people too. Add me K1ng_Wi11y

im looking for people to play with also psn is SkillaMatiic17
mics please

What region?


Wouldn’t mind having people to play with, I’m from AUS and just got the game.

PSN is same as my name here, just make sure to add that your adding me for Borderlands :slight_smile:

Add me psn -DaveRey from UK.

You can add me mightyb77

Need help on borderlands 2 ps4 add NOMAD0829 then join me

Hey I’m down I need more friends to play with my ps4 is CrimsonDemonX

Add me EXPERTbloodnut I’m looking for friends to raid with

You can count me in. My PSN name is dissidiakid44 and Lately I’ve been grinding on Ultimate Vault hunter mode. This is the big league now, boys.

Add me guys, I’m a quite low level just wanting some help (lvl 15 Zer0) I play borderlands 2 and presequel, psn: Hippocrates666
Pls add me, I need help :smile:

Hey I also need people to play with looking for people to power level me or just play the game with. My PSN Shark_1V
I’m in the US

Can someone that’s a really high level add me so I can play with them and level up. My gamertag is BeheldxTerror