Looking for people to play with on Borderlands 2 on the ps4

(Ambz89) #21

I play often, add me. Berz89!

(PSN:iTzz_Jeremy) #22

I’m Down

(Johnyyboyyprice) #23

Just got bl2 goty but recently beat it on tvhm, looking for someone to play with me on ps3

(Johnyyboyyprice) #24


(Saulskiips4) #25

Hi I’m buying borderlands 2 today and I’ll like to play with someone I’m willing to play pre sequel too I prefer playing with people that have mic because I like to communicate add me PS4 saulskii

(Dhoogerwerff) #26

I would like some help if anyone is down to play borderlands the handsome collection?

(Mini_Holmesy) #27

I might be able to help. What do you need help with?

(Thatguysh4rk ) #28

I’m down to help people and run through some missions. PSN thatguysh4rk

(GreenKokiri45) #29

Same here, anyone wanna play add me PSN Wafflebro99, i’m on almost everyday when I have time.

(Billyyyyy47) #30

Feel free to add me, I play as Sal or Zer0. Not sure how often I’ll be available but if you need help with raiding, mobbing, or missions I’m more than happy to join :slight_smile:

Psn: DeviantNightmare

(Alpha7491) #31

Sure just add me Ps4 same as here: alpha7149. just make sure to add that you’re adding me for borderlands

(Curtiscrowe) #32

Hey guys I’m really needing help with Terramorphis if anyone who has good gear and can take him down relatively easy add me!! I’m a lvl 50 assassin with ok gear thanks PSN- Curtista14


Add me oPROFESSIONALo I’ll give you a hand.

(Timjackson05) #34

Anyone feel free to add me I’m usually on everyday I have Siren,Zero and gunzerker at 72 OP2 just working on my mechromancer and psycho ATM
PSN TimmyJ5


Do you have a mic?

(Cakeshaman) #36

Add me too looking for someone to play with PSN: cakeshaman

(Sbarac99) #37

(Jacklynch542) #38

I’m looking for someone aswell wanna start a mech or sniper build so I can help you out from ireland tho so time might be awkward

(I’m Nat and just a Number.) #39

Join in this community.

(Jacklynch542) #40