Looking for people to play with on ps4

Hey my Psn is Zanfel, send a friend req if you would like to level and farm together. I’m currently lvl 58 gunzerker working through UVHM. I’m willing to share loot and do runs multiple times, lvl alternate characters and what not. So again if your on ps4 and want to play some BL2 and pre sequel eventually in a party hit me up.

Hey, also looking for people to play with. I just got this game the other day and I’m currently lvl 25 gunzerker on borderlands 2. Psn BigCatScott

Add me psn misery_ motors lvl 31 mechromancer

PSN is Mr_Matt

Have various chars at all different levels in both games.

Add me: jucapolito (PS4) #borderlands2

Hey I’m gonna all you guys to play with I’m in the uk

I just bought this game i searching too
Add me please AmitSD

Hey have I got you already ^^^


Can someone or someones help me level up.

Just got the game today and it seems that playing with others helps make the most out of this game, currently level zero. Invite rashani93


I’m also looking for people to group up with. Just got the game today and I’d rather not lessen the experience by playing solo. PSN id is Cheesy-McFly.

Feel free to add me! Beafraid4
Working on leveling a Gladiator, lvl 28 now.

Sup, I’m looking for people to play borderlands 2 with on ps4. add Bains_159

Assassin lvl 62

Psn is drinkingcloud

I have solo’d up to this point and plan on soloing the rest of uvhm.

But if anyone needs help with leveling or farming let me know.

Anyone can add me lol 72 mechro psn The-Wayvern

Level 52 Siren.

Psn : siancaitlan