Looking for people to play with on the PS4 (BL2)

Hey everyone, I’m new to the universe of Borderlands and so far I’m enjoying it, I do find most of the missions quite challenging to do on my own, and a bit less fun as well. So I’m looking for people to play with. Right now I’m a Lv 12 Gunzerker and I do not have a lot of experience and/or knowledge about everything you can do in the game. So if you’re on of those guys that likes to be carried through the game, look elsewhere because I am not that kind of person. The next thing I would like to point out is that I’m looking for somewhat more adult people, 18+ is the minimum I want to play with. I’m dutch from origin but my English is not as bad as Louis van Gaal so that should be fine haha. If you would like to play with me add me on PSN: GuitarHero-NL . You could also reply down in the comments and I’ll throw you a friend request. I would like to meet some people who play a bit more during the day.

Kind regards,


I’ll give a hand.

Nice, What’s your PSN?

U’ll have a PSN message in 5 - 10, am finishing something else atm.

Add me, Lord_Sylton. I’ve been playing since day 1 on PS3. I enjoy playing and helping others.

I will send you an invite. I play most of the time in the evening (dutch timezone :wink: )

Greetz RvG_NL

Add me psn, alex92bey been trying to find people to play with as none of my friends have the game played since day one on old console want to platinum the game and find rare loot !!