Looking for people to play with ps4!

I have a lvl 50 lawbringer, lvl 72 pycho.

Add or msg ps4: FASTREAPER

Have mic and be fair with loot sharing.

I can play bl2 with you I have level 72 mecromancer

I´m a lvl 72 Psycho, and I´m looking for someone to help me complete Digistruct Peak :smile:


Add me, please! I am a level 72 Psycho, and need someone to aid me in finishing Digistruct Peak

i play as well. Add me AngelofLove57

Hey i was wondering if you can level me up fast in borderlands 2 i want to make a commando but i dont want to go through the struggle again please message me on ps4 at wilman007

My brother and i arent that high we are lvl 14 but we beat the other ones and know we are doing names Zewgestu and Aszhole95