Looking for people to play with! (Xbox360)

I’m willing to start fresh, or just jump into any random quests!
GT: Nozwercz709
AGE: 14
I would prefer if you were older than 12, but if you think you’re a mature 11 year old, I’ll take it.
Mics are preferred.
If you would like we can also connect via Skype to talk instead of using Xbox voice chat.
Also, I like people who can take a joke, so jokers are preferred.
Also, I really don’t care how old you are. I just really wanna play some damn BL2 with people.

u can add me if u want my gt is PeterL2014 all my characters are level 72(op8) tho. also I’m gonna reset uvhm on one of them soon and play through again dlcs and stuff too

Let me know when you do and I’ll join you.

will do.

Alright sweet! All three of us could play on a new game if you want! You guys can add me!

I added you Peter.

Will play anything I have all the dlcs and have a mic
Gt is Kodist

Looking to level up so if u have a 72 to help I would be grateful. Add me anyone. xxxkadetxxx

Hey oh! I’m also looking for some peeps to lvl up with. Add me! Doctor Doobies

@rickygcadotte and @jps8990 what level are u guys now and what level are u trying to get to? add me ill help out some if we can manage to be online at the same time

Peter already knows me but anyone else in here can add Gt: BTK420247

I play Bl2 and TPS more than I probably should. I’m up for just about anything. I have all toons in Bl2 OP8 (except Gaige, don’t have her) and all 6 Vault Hunters in TPS lvl 70.

I’m trying to obviously get to level 72 and OP we are 50s and need help would be much appreciated. GT is. xxxkadetxxx

Peter trying to get max level of course and OP unlocked me and my buddy are 50 and 57 add me. xxxkadetxxx

If U want add me gamertag is WHeezYOTTER89

You can add me if you like willing to start new or just jump in an help.

I don’t have a mic ,but my gamertag is Waromnimon9. I play as a lvl 27 zer0.

currently got an gunzerker and mechromancer both op8 tryin to farm some weapons. hmu!