Looking for people to start a fresh game with!

Hi friends~

A while back I accidentally wiped all my game data from my 360. I lost all my Borderlands saves from the first all the way to the Pre-quel…I lost a 72 Maya with OP8 and tons of legendary, awesome items… Needless to say I was devastated and I haven’t played in quite some time because I know I’ll never get back to where I was and it bummed me out. :’)

But I really wanna get back into playing the games again! I miss the story a lot and I think everyone knows it’s just not as fun when you’re playing alone. So please add me and let’s link up some time! I’m currently trying to start fresh with Borderlands but I am willing to skip around if anyone else wants to play 2 or the Pre-quel.

XBOX 360 gamertag: jadejuturna


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I can help, i wont be onlne for a while so just add me if you can, gt: TheRealKingJosh

I will help I have 1 and 2 gamer tag is king waffIe the l is an i