Looking for people to start a new campaign with me

You will need a head set and/or skype

Please put you xbox 360 gamer tag and skype name so we can talk need a minimum of 2 players will update if game is full.

Id be down to

Gt Coltzk95

I am down GT: TopChoppedChef

got a friend but i dont know if he has skype his name is QLIMAX750 just tell him it if from Th3D3vil72

thanks guys for this will send you a friend request today but wifi and game is playing up so there may be time when it quits. please tell me what character you are going to use.

Id like to go with a nisha

okay, unless someone wants to go as claptrap or wilhelm i will go as one of them

Fine with me, when do you want to start?

Id be down to go too, im usually only on on weekends because of school/sport reasons but if youre intrested just msg me - mS Xero (I have a mic)