Looking for people to unlock characters with in the full game

Basically, just looking for a group that would like to unlock all the characters together by completing their challenges, rather than unlocking by rank, when the full game comes out and everyone starts at square one. If anyone is interested, my PSN is Bnegative, and I main Montana as my starter and as a general defender. When they unlock, my main attacker is Benedict, and my main support is Reyna.

Sent a friend request, sounds good to me. More people to hang with the beyter. I like playing Orendi to start, but will main Toby. Backline sniper/spot defender ready to help!

Nice to have you on board!

So, first priority characters to unlock:

Shayne: she unlocks early at rank 6, so first thing we should do is play some coop. Try not to level command rank too high,

Reyna: Unlocks at rank 8, and takes 50 assists to unlock by challenge.

I think once take care of these two characters, we can go our own ways to unlock our preferred characters. Benedict just takes five wins as peacekeeper to unlock, so I’ll still run around as Montana until then. I think Toby works the same way, just with rogue instead.

Here’s a scorecard: Challenge/Rank unlock

Bnegative: 0/0

Works for me, feel free to hit me up during the beta as well if you want to start working together to get a feel for playstyles. I’m average…ish…in pvp. Pve is my favorite (chart topping with Toby).

Sounds awesome! I love to main Oscar Mike lol.

Although the question is what time you play, I play mostly in morning or even weekend mornings.

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Morning is when I usually play too, so I think we’re good on that.

Awesome, I’m looking at 6am CST here, PSN is Crimsonsurge in case you can add me first.

Mind if I send you a friend request too? More people to play with never hurts.

I tend to play at 7-8 CST, and I’m free Tuesday-Thursday, with other days being iffy. Cool, I’ll add you and set you and the other guy up on the scoreboard.

Go ahead!

I play 6ish - 7:30ish, but if you don’t get on til 7 I will just do morning chores early so we can play same time (that was to op)