Looking for people with extensive experience with any or all playable characters in the Borderlands series

I’m working on to review every skill in the borderlands series with two ranking one on performance(how effective the skill is) and the other in how fun(does it make interesting play styles) the skill is. I’ll need multiple people with extensive experience for each of the characters especially the ones i have little experience with but even for the ones i do have experience with just to have second opinions. I’m doing this so once the borderlands 3 skill trees are revealed, i’ll get a better idea on speculating BL3 skills and theory crafting builds.

If you wish to help check me out on discord JunoOfTheHorsemen#4529 it the easiest way to get a hold of me, also think about joining my new discord server Vault Seekers United (https://discord.gg/CQ83zrx). I will be using it for borderlands projects like this as well as building a community through discussion, build guides, Etc.

Update 1:
thanks for the support these are whom i have so far
camilotecnologic(Gearbox Forums) - Axton, Sal, Zer0, and Athena
angelo_rdam(Gearbox Forums) - Mordecai and Zer0
XLII(Borderlands Discord) - Gaige
Raptchur - Gaige, Nisha

I will take more second opinions on characters listed above but i’m missing second opinions for the follow characters: Gaige, Nisha and Wilhelm

I will be starting with brick since he’s the one i know the most about in BL1 so anyone feel free to chime in, its been a while since i played BL1 and don’t remember lot of the weapons in BL1 so if you have any weapon recommendations for brick let me know

heres a few places you can get in touch with me/play with me
discord: JunoOfTheHorsemen#4529
Steam: JunoOfTheHorsemen
PSN: Junothephoenix

Maya skill review coming soon

If you look in the character-specific sections for each game, you will already find skill guides which rank each skill (typically on scale of 1-5) for most (all?) characters. The guides should be linked from the pinned “Community Resources” master guide in each section (or you can just use the forum search function.)


I mean i can talk your ear off about Axton and to a lesser extent, maya, sal, kreig, claptrap, brick, and jack

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cool axton player feel like i don’t see a lot of those what you play on?

any favorite builds?

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I can’t wait for the gameplay reveal in a WEEK! I’m so excited. Is anybody else going to be watching the gameplay reveal?


I think most will, i will ether watch it live or later

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Both my favorite Axton builds are posted on here. Flexible explosive and pure jakobs fire power


cool i’ll check them out later

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I think I can help you with Zer0, Axton, Salvador, Athena as well as the other characters but I specialize on those.I hope i can help. :grinning::upside_down_face::+1:

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I’ve played a LOT of Mordecai but I usually go for similar builds because I love sniping. Zer0 as well, although I did have a lot of fun with Zer0 Infinity build

I can help with those characters too, if needed.:wink:

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whom Gaige, nisha and wilhelm?

if thats the case, let you know I’ve recently found a person for gaige so you don’t have to with her, it will be a bit until i get to the pre-sequel(Nisha and Wilhelm) but ill keep you in mind.

Right now i’m focusing on brick

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Actually I do like Gaige a lot, I just don’t play her so frequently, but I’m quite good playing with Gaige.:+1:

I can give my opinions on Zero and Aurelia if needed. Just review skill with those 2 factors and maybe a short explanation of why?

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Across BL1, BL2, and TPS, the only character I never drove to the end game and played there extensively was Brick (he’s level 11 and gaining as I type this). I also have no experience far into Aurelia’s co-op tree, but otherwise play her often.

Salvador got to OP8, but only once, and I still don’t consider myself an expert with him.
Krieg… forgot where I left him (early UVHM?). Also not an expert.
Every other character has been run up to end game (2.5 in BL1, OP8 in BL2, and UVHM in TPS) and played there extensively (two times for BL2 characters).

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I’ve gotten Gaige to op8 twice on 360, 4 times on PC, and 5 times on PS4. I need one for each build i play with her. Have 3 lvl 70 Nishas (one fire rate, one jakobs, one melee hybrid). Also have played a lot of Athena, Maya, Lilith, Zer0, and Axton. Have gotten all of them to max level multiple times. And played at max with many builds. I can contribute if need be

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I wrote the part for Zero’s sniping tree but I thought why not run it by here. There might be things I didn’t take into account or differing opinions.

EDIT: Can I collaple that somehow? I wasn’t actually expecting to be causing horribly long posts here. Just to put it up in public in case someone wanted to see it.


The zer0 skill guide could really use an update if you’re interested. I’d be willing to help if needed

If it ends up being useful in the Zer0 threads and fixing some of those old skill reviews I sure wouldn’t mind. I’ll write the other 2 trees probably tomorrow. I can post the full thing on the Zer0 boards then.

Hi there, I would be happy to join. Feel free to add me with my ID: JoyFreak
I have a mic and all that, so no worries there!

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