Looking for people with mics!

Hey guys, I’ve already got this game pre-ordered and I just love it. But I really want to find some people to play with, and only people who I can speak with. IMO, it makes the game so much more fun.
So I do not care about skill or anything, I only care about fun.

Oh, you can’t be Miko though… Miko is mine.
(Nah, just kidding.)

Anyways, my XBONE account is: YaCantDutchThis (Badass, aye?)

I… Well, English is not my first language so yeah… Pretty bad accent, but whatever. ;p I’m Dutch, but I’m totally not looking for Dutch players only!

And if anyone was interested, I’m 18. (Heard some people are more comfortable with playing with people of their own age. I couldn’t care less about age.)

It may be usefull to know which characters I play: Miko, Mellka, Montana.
I also like Phoebe, but I barely play her.
In general, I don’t really mind who I am.

So I think it would be really cool to find at least 9 other players so we can go 5v5, knowing we all have a mic and are able to play a tactical game. ^^
And the more the merrier, am I right?

You can always send me a message, though I share this Xbone with me dad, me sis and her boyfriend so I may not always respond while the account is online…

I am more on the forums than on my Xbox at the moment, so if you want me to respond you can send me a message or just reply to this topic. :mushroom:

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GT: WHOOPDIWAM is down to play!!!
Played a good miko and ambra during beta!

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I will add you guys. Already pre-ordered and absolutely love the game.
I am dutch as well lol. but live in the UK so my English is pretty good. Would love some team play on this.

My main in the beta was Galilea love Rath and Orendi as well.

GT: Plutonium Bug


Not specifiacally looking for Dutch players but… CONVENIENT AS HELL!

Also, I’m gonna add you two guys. I just always forgot to turn the XB1 on because I’m too busy with…
Okay, I’ll admit it. I stalk these forums WAY too much.

I hope you can teach me to actually like Gally then, I’m still a bit on the fence about her.;p

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I’m looking for people on XB1 to group up with also! My main in the beta was Marquis but I’m always up for learning new characters. My gamertag is IGetBiddies . So excited for this game!

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YES! WE HAVE THE ROBOT, GENTLEMAN, BUTLER, SNIPER! I want that fancy dude in every battleborn game I play. I am a horrible sniper, but I just love Marquis! Now I do have to play Phoebe a lot to see if they have any special conversation going on in missions or something. ;p


Gt: redsamurai9353

I destroy as rath and Isic and I’m trying to get deande

Well, I guess we’ll see how much you destroy.

Haha we’ll see. So what level are you?

I have a mic and I’ll play any role needed. My GT is A Busy Bear if you want to add me.

Hi, I am looking for co-op and pvp partners too. I wanna try doing some advanced and hardcore missions. My XBOX ID is TheGrimmSaga

GT: Wuna2010 I always have a mic so don’t hesitate to invite me. I mainly play ranged attackers or defenders. I really want to get the campaign done and communication is definitely key. Hit me up anytime.

I’m rank… Something in the 30 and I’m rank 15 with miko, rank 13 with Phoebe. That kinda sums up what Ive been doing. ;p

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