Looking for phasecast 250% and phaseslam 300% weapons. I have plenty to trade

If you play amara and need phasecast 250% or 300% phaseslam, holla at me cause i got a bunch of stuff for trade.

Im looking for anything 300% phaseslam and ill trade anything i have, for ex -

250% phasecast hydrofrost
300% phaseslam soulrender
300% phaseslam cryo anarchy
300% phaseslam rad anarchy
300% phaseslam oldridian

and much more. Reply with username if you have anything 300% phaseslam.

I have a TON of Phaseslam 300% items. Do you happen to have Any elemental or non element unlimited anarchy 100% ASE? Maggie 100% ASE? Night Hawkin 14.04 fire rate 100% ASE? Ill give all my phaseslam gear for them

Have lots of 250 cast add me

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What are you looking for? @jnewolf21

Anything else you looking for? Most of my guns are 250% and 300% @DmntdMstrmnd

At the moment what I listed is what I’m looking for. But feel free to add me and I can throw a bunch more 300% and 250% your way.

Psn is Dmntdmstrmnd

250 cast, fire moar linage, flame diddle and love drill at the moment. How about you? lon-wolf917 is gt

I have 100 ase gear also if you need.

@Ion__wolf917, I have a bunch of ASE 100% gear, I’m just looking the very specific night hawkin with ASE 100 and 14.04 fire rate, but I’d settle for a 12 or 13 fire rate night hawkin ASE 100 if ya got it.

I have some of phaseslam 300% weapon damage like hellshock.

I’ll check next time I’m on. Add me and I’ll send you a screenshot.

@Ion_wolf917, I’ll add you through the PS App. Im at work right now. Won’t be home for another 3 hours or so.

Im gonna add you all after i do laundry. Should be in a couple hours

@jnewolf21 I tried to add you on psn and it can’t find you. 0 players with the name Ion_wolf917. Try adding me my psn is same name as here


Small “L”

I got hella Weapons for phasecast and phaseslam looking for a shock consecutive hit hyperfucus