Looking for Phaseslam 300% Infinity Pistols


I’m looking for Phaseslam 300 Infinity Pistols in every element and Phasecast 250 in Fire and Corosive.

I have nearly 50 mules full of gear to trade including good rolls on most of the new DLC items. Let me know what you have and what you are looking for and I hope we can make a deal.


I’m not sure this will interest you but I have a non elemental ferocious infinity, phaseslam 300?

Elemental would be best, but I have yet to see a single one in the past three months, so I’m interested. What are you looking for?

Cancel my request please, the pistol is level 49. Sorry I troubled you

No problem it’s good to see at least somebody got the anointment on one.

I have a kinetic infinity with the 300% phaseslam if you want it

That would be awesome what are you looking for?

Im looking for a clone annointed maggie, electric banjo or a grenade thrown annointed it piss. But I’ll send the item to you even if you dont have any of that

I have a few anointed it’s Piss 3 of them I think and an Electric Banjo. Might have the Maggie too.

PSN jorgeammo

I’ll be on later today. I’m last minute holiday shopping for Christmas and Mercenary Day.

I already got the banjo, but the maggie or the grenade thrown piss would be awesome

Good luck shopping!

And yes I do have the 130% Maggie and the Grenade Thrown its Piss.

Holy molly. I already sent you the gun btw. Do you need anything else?

I’m good thank you very much.

Other than those pistols I can’t think of anything. I’ve had so much loot poor in over the past two days I’ll have plenty to play with for awhile.

Awesome. If you need anything, just let me know