Looking for phasezerker Mod with Damage and Consecutive Hits Monarch

Looking for Phasezerker Mod With Any of the Following:
Weapon Damage
Shotgun Damage
AR Damage

Monarch Shock/Corrosive/ Fire with Consecutive Hits Anointment

I might have the phazezerker your after and I know I’ve got ch monarchs in four elements can remember which right now,will get back to you asap

Got a corrosive, shock consecutive hits monarchs and phazezerkers I have :
28% weapon damage, 56% cov accuracy and 11% jackobs weapon damage.

20% damage reduction, 29% grenade radius and 35% shotgun damage

What would you like in return?

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Any good plaugebearers,stop gap with 40% and 20% capacity with on shield break annoitment, any of either takedown stuff with good annoitments. Deathless with any weapon damage and or magazine size. Or Anything else that you might think is good too

Ok I’ll send you over 4 things based on that list. I have some of them. Then you can send me the two monarchs and class mods. If that works.

Can do buddy not got the shock ch monarch but a have a fire one I’ll send as replacement for the shock one,the other monarch I’ve still got so I’ll send them two monarchs and class mods in a little while :slight_smile:

Sent buddy have a great day :smiley:

Thanks man. Going to try to send you some items tomorrow.

i have a monarch consec hits in every element