Looking for Pimpernel and Grog Nozzle (OP8)

Hey guys,
i got a Salvador at OP8 and i wanna try the Derpenel/Pimperderp build. But i already did the “Dont copy my floppy quest” so i have a Pimpernel on 72. A full reset just for this one weapon is kinda annoying, so maybe someone has Banbury Pimpernel with Maliwan Grip and Slag. That would be the perfect one. Barking or gentlemens are ok too, slag is kinda must have, grip would be nice but is least important.

I can help you level, have some gear on OP8 to trade.

PSN is SlooowBrooo and next week i’ll be online alot.

P.S.: A Grog Nozzle Slag from the community event would be awesome, so i can complete the quest ^.^