Looking for Pimpernels(OP8) (still searching)

-Looking for exact parts
-Maliwan Grip
-Dahl stock
(Dahl sight preferred, but not as important)
-Need Various elements

(I already have every element of pimpernel, so please make sure yours is somewhat close to my list of requirements. I’m also looking for them to be OP8. I am willing to trade anything else needed in return from legendaries, to pearls, to uniques. Feel free to ask for anything in return.)
-Gamertag- GenuineDeity

I have pimpernels in all elements with gentlemen prefix dhal handle but mailiwan stock

If you’re interested I will give you em tonight no need for trading just pick up and go cause I have loads of them and I need to get rid of them but not by selling them

Add me and I’ll check em out, thanks.