Looking for player (EU) (German, English)


my name is Thorben, 18 years old, from germany.

I was around level 50 in beta. Right now level 33, Master of Miko with around 80% winrate. Speaking english and german, we can play pve / pvp (i pref pvp) casually or tryhard competive. I dont mind, but i do not play with toxic / negative / blaming guys.

Teamspeak, Discord or Ingame Voice Chat, i dont mind.

Steam: Miko Only - http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198130208503/

See ya


Would this be of interest? We have a great bunch of both NA and EU players and are always looking for more people to share those amazing moments of gaming with!


Sent you a friend request in Steam!

NIce, i add you to.

sent you a friend request in Steam, name is [NO MA’AM]Birdie