Looking for Players for BL2 and/or TPS

No Goal, just looking to have some fun. GT is Dragon Saint 43
It doesn’t matter if you have a mic, but I do have one. Only requirement is that you don’t mind doing sidequests. Here are all my characters as of typing this:
LV. 52 Mechromancer
LV. 15 Siren
LV. 14 Psycho
LV. 8 Commando
LV. 37 Baroness
LV. 13 Gladiator
LV. 6 Fragtrap
I am willing to start new characters.

Hey ill add you my GT is ChickenLove G. Currently im working on playing with my level 34 fragtrap so if you’d like we can do tvhm together with your baroness.

Add me Gt kemo12447. Send me an invite whenever you start a game.

You can add me : GT: YoungLuaa : Level 42 - Zero ; willing to start new character BL2