Looking for players for new playthrough on bl1 or 2

Hey I am looking for players to playthrough bl 1 and 2 because I enjoy the franchise so much it brings back a lot of memory’s from wen it 1st came out if so add me on psn xSquiltonX or message me

Why does no one bother to tell their location and when they can play and stuff like that…

But yeah, I was starting a new playtrough on Monday 9pm UTC +2. You interested?

Sure depends Wat time that is in england

It’s two hours before Finland. That means 9pm Finnish would be 7pm in England. (BTW the exact time I start would be 8.45 pm.)

Anyway here’s my thread. Another guy has already expressed interest this playtrough and there’s only one spot open. So to keep things fair I’ll let the one who responds on my thread first play with me. But the other can have spare spot in case one of the other players can’t come.