Looking for players for xbox one

i am looking for players who are active to play. i am on op7 as of now and would like to push op 8 and need some other to do it with. add me xDaka on xbox one if interested.

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I can help. I won’t be home till much later but if you msg me I can check if you’re online when I get home and I can reach out in that manner. I’ll take you to OP8. :wink:

I too am willing to have a good old op8 digi run( not had one in a while) or just anything in general.
Feel free to give us a shout on gt =scarycartoons.

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I’m your fourth


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What’s up gentlemen?
This sounds much funner. full party running the peak at OP8. Threaten me with a good time?! Lets do it! :sweat_smile:

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im normally on 9ish central time for most of the night after that

Sweet. thats is 7pm my time. Totally doable. :acmaffirmative:

i can help, too.

Gt = forum name

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I really need some help with the dragons of destruction. My siren is level 72 but I just can’t make enough damage.

Im also here haha gt-gra5er1

GT - Meepydile
Lvl 72 siren, looking to level up other characters. Plus generally raid, raise OP levels
Feel free too add :slight_smile: