Looking for players on ps4 its boring as hell alone

i need help finishing the handsome collection i played b2 on my old system never played pre sequel and its boring alone psn: xdeity23

Im also looking for players to play with, although I planned on starting bl2 first. I’ll shoot you a friend request though!

yep playing without friends is boring at times.

Im looking for help with the final mission on the first playthrough on TPS

Wilhelm Level 22

Add me if you can help? xChivasChaos

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Still looking for people? Because I wanted to play through both games complete with some people if you’re interested.

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Lets do it bro psn xdeity23 i be on at 9pm i ironically work at gamestop

I’ll throw my Vault symbol into the mix

PSN: VonStoogiN

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mbohan85 playing tps, second playthrough, also bl2 third playthrough

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online ID Menace40k add if want lookin to start a new character today

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Psn is drinkingcloud

Level 50 on tps and 35 on bl2

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I’m game add Menace40k

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Just got myself a PS+ subs.

Hit me up if you’re tired with loot ninjas and people who don’t revive.

PSN: Kanemitsu_sg (pls mind the capital letter)

Online everyday usually around 5pm UTC. Won’t talk on mic, I’m lazy to talk while gaming.

  • Character: Jack Lv52, Maya Lv30-ish, Claptrap, Zero, Axton Lv10-ish, Athena Lv 6

  • Don’t bother adding me for powerlevel or duping/trade lol

  • Still got other characters to fresh start with

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you guys can add me if you want if you’re still looking for people to play with. My psn is GRANNYTURTLES. I’m more of BL2 than TPS kinda guy but will play both. Only things are I don’t have a mic and can only play on weekends unfortunately.

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add nibz08 if you want to play BL2 I’m up for new play through

PS4 ID: imnotMellow

I have an OP8 character, 40+ Maya, 31 Zer0, 20+ Commando, can make a new character I really don’t care as long as people still play this game. Send me a message or an add, and let me know what you’re doing so I can join with the required character. I don’t usually mic on BL2, but always reviving and I don’t pick up loot often unless you walk away/deny it. TPS is unplayable so I can’t play it until they release a patch, if ever.

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Getting back into it after a nice break. 3 op8’s, 3 lv. 72’s, among others in BL2; 4 lv. 70’s in TPS with various others. Down to start new characters as well. shakejunt922, Mics preferred to make things easy but not required.

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Yay I need some people to play with cause I what to do some raid bosses
Psn axelrocks556

add me: THE_FUNTISH_CUCK available most nights Uk.

im playing on the presequel i have a 70 Aurielia. Gamertag Stablerspy.