Looking for players that help me level up and beat all the missions, farm and just have fun!

Hello ladies and gentleman,

I just started the game for the third time, now on UVHM and I can’t get to far, like I am still at the very beginning. My Zer0 is on lvl 51 and my loot seems to be garbage. I am not looking for any duping though, as I want to farm and get everything on my own.
If you are down for some gameplay, beat the game 100% with all DLCs, farm a bit or help me lvl up, that would be great. So let’s have some fun in Pandora!!
No kids please, above 20-30 years old would be cool. German or English language if you can handle my potato English for some hours. I mostly play in the afternoon/evening European time.

XBoxOne Tag: DEAQone

I can help u but I only play on m days off