Looking for players to have fun

Looking for players that just wanna run around and have fun. Maybe kill some bosses or raid bosses. My gt is: thefarikuma

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Okey i`m in, which level? im playing both games and my gt is: pontquake

hi I’m new to the game, add me ok GT; SGT EDDY63

Yeah sounds cool what level and playthrough are you on?

My gta seraphic star xb1 just for clarification

Gt xb1 is METALZ3RO1, add me

wildestbarrel14, i’ll add you

hi will add you as a friend, ok I’m only level 21 and am a casual player…

I’m game GT: MenacingMommy

Im lvl 16 whos trynna play i want to play plz hit.me me up Briskgalaxy9547

OP4 looking to get to OP8, anyone help? GT - oRixonnn