Looking for players to jam with

Hey guys and girls I’m looking for players to play with, wether it’s to hunt down the invincibles, trade some cool loot, do some playthroughs or just to simply meet new players. Feel free to add me Mate__WTF (two underscores) see you out on Pandora. :smiley:

wanna post this to anyone who plays with him
joins my game was fighting the snowman and he one shots him
i ask him how he did that and i he respond with he has a badass rank at 9 million i call BS on it because how he explain it to me that he made over hundred characters and done all single BAR challenges so please at your own risk add him or not

I don’t see what the big deal with that is? You can call “BS” on whatever you think it is but at the end of the day I’ve had this game for nearly 3-4 years and I can guarantee you that there would be a lot of other players out there who would have the same badass rank as me.

Also I never said anything about BAR challenges so take you nonsense to another forum.

Pardon me for prying, but; You have a badass rank of 9 million?

Peculiar, as you’d be the first person I’ve heard of who’d managed to do so legitimately.

Would it be alright if I asked how you managed to attain such a high rank? Or, if your spectacular kill of the snowman wasn’t done by a BAR, would you mind explaining how you’d managed to do so?

In the future, refrain from any and all suggestions as to where some one can take a player experience. His reporting on his experience with you on an online game is not against the forum rules. While this most certainly is.

I understand you may want to keep your secrets as to your proficiency privy to a select few, should this be the case. Please PM me.

What level are you looking for cause im only 61

Any level as long as you have a mic. :slightly_smiling:

I added you I’m armandhammer37

If u play on op8 we can play sometime

Thanks for hopping on earlier. Had a blast destroying the invincibles. Do you want to farm master gee tomorrow? He is a bit of a pain to farm on single player.

@jambi1072 and @Piemanlee do you have mics?

And @soccerfella101 no problem mate, glad we got through most of them and yeah sure I’ll be on later and we can kick some invincible bum.

Yo can i join

yeah ive got a mic

Tomorrow we should try and finish your zero and run him through the op lvls.

I ended up getting him to 72 but yeah we can go through the OP levels :slight_smile:

@jambi1072 add me again, @villegasj127 add me Mate__WTF

I added you again