Looking for players to play Battleborn or other

Hey guys! Lately I have been wanting to play with more people than just rolling solo, and seeing as how many of my friends already on my friends list don’t play that often I was hoping to meet new people and hopefully make friends. I am a casual player but won’t mind getting into competitive. If you guys are interested please feel free to add me at my GT: xGnAsHtYxSOLID. Thanks!
Sorry forgot to mention I play on XB1

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I’ll shoot you a friend request, wont be on for a little bit but would love to play with people! GT: Skwizardkid

Add what system you’re on, makes it easier for people to reply :wink: If you’re on PC I’ll send you a request :smiley:

I think Gamertag is an xbox one thing, though I may be wrong

People tend to use those interchangeably though, especially if they play (or have played) on multiple platforms. And I hate making assumptions :wink:


Awesome, thanks for the request looking forward to playing with ya!

GT: Ice Cold Jay D

Looking for a good group to play story missions and finish some lore challenges. Have mic. Laid back, but want to win.

I will hit you up with a request, thanks for commenting!

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