Looking for players today

Looking for players to run through Claptastic Voyage dlc. I have a lv.70 Athena, and am just looking to have some fun.

I have a couple of lvl 70s that I still need to run thru CV dlc. on in the evenings send me a message.

Hey guys, would love to a go on the Claptastic Voyage with you when I’m 70. Quick question, any of you guys got any unwanted level 70 legendaries from the main game or an Excalibastard at Level 70? I plan on using them for the Grinder.

Cool, and I can check if I have any spare legends. I will be on for a bit until around 130 est then I’ll be back on later tonight. Shoot me a FT @ IXI Shyn3 IXI

Sure. I’ll be on at 9pm and most of tomorrow. Account is El Cuco65. See you then.

I need some one to help me play through uvhm and help me get celestial gladiator class mod

Oh plus if your interested hit me up at Demon Hunterol on Xbox 360

I’m looking for people to play with can’t find many games on the 360 so hit me up.Gt is UMI2021

Wondering if you were on Xbox now.