Looking for players TPS\BL2

Looking for some people to play TPS\BL2. Just some laid back players to play and have fun. Mic not preffered, but I’m willing to use one. We can start fresh or use previous characters. I do have to insist that I am not looking to power level players, hand out gear, or cheat so if you are seeking that, please look elsewhere.

PSN is Kiddo84 if you’re interested. :smiley:

Can anyone power level me to 40? I am level 27 lawbringer in tps for ps4. If not looking for people that will help through true vault hunter mode.

Hi!! I am looking for people to play with too!! I have a mic, and I’m currently level 25 lawbringer. My psn is fordgirl27 if anyone wants to play :slight_smile: