Looking for players!

Hi I’m looking for players around my age group who are easy going.
I’m 27 from UK n I love me some borderlands, I’m on nearly everyday.
I don’t mind starting from scratch I play any character apart from ZERO and CL4P-TP.
I have never done a raid boss on BL2 or got to OP8 (would really like to) because noone on friends list plays borderlands.

Only thing I ask is please be at least over 18 and no trolls cause ain’t nobody got time for that.


Add me if u still looking gt RarinTommy2guns, just come back to borderlands after a long break

Add rarin tommy2guns UK based

Add: i mrod i
I’m from the states btw. The matchmaking is currently still broken so I, too, am in dire need of finding some new players here. I’m only a Mechromancer lvl 5. Hit me up! I have a mic as well. Unless u don’t care for mics cuz I’m cool with that too.

Add DOOM 75 for both TPS and blands 2

No problem running some OP levels or raid boss. Send invite gt: FluidShot

I play on m days off I’m also from the UK gt same what’s urs m8

Feel free to add me, ‘Wolven Essence’

Add me, GT: Marlin95B


Im in the same boat, none of my mates play borderlands, im also on most days, time can differ as I work shifts!!!

Ive got one lvl 72 siren and started other characters but nothing above level 20!!

My gamertag is AndyNYHC, UK based as well

Hi, I just posted a threat looking for players. I am on lvl 51 and just started on UVHM and would like to get to OP 8 and have some fun farming, beat the missions, talk some crap and ■■■■.
I am 29 and from Germany. If you are down for it, add DEAQone on Xbox. Cheers

Gt Munchie2516 i need some friends to play with. Age is 24.