Looking For Playstyle Compatible People To Play Handsome Collection With

I’m looking for other people to play handsome collection with who will help make my time on HC as well there’s as enjoyable and hassle-free as possible. I only play with people who use gun’s that can actually exist without needing a third party program to justify their very existence.

Right now i am playing Handsome Collection Exclusively and will be for the foreseeable future. I usually play Borderlands games exclusively for around 6 month periods with usually about a year in between (this is a estimated average based off my time spent exclusively playing Borderlands game since the midnight release of Borderlands 1). About 1/3 of my total gaming time over the last 5-ish years has been spent on Borderlands games. My main Axton alone has over 156 days playtime on him. I’m not expecting anyone to have this kind of playtime on borderlands to add me. I really only added these extra details to make people more likely to take the time to add me because of the countless other topics with countless other people asking to be added and the obviously limited ability for people to add them all.

I play both BL2 and TPS on HC and i am currently juggling them a good bit depending on the various situations. If you only play one or the other you can still feel free to add me as i can just switch over to the one your currently on if need be. Please don’t ask me to power level you and don’t bother asking me if i want to be power leveled because i don’t want to and as long as i continue to love Borderlands the way i do i prolly never will. This would just take away enjoyment for me. I have all 6 of the classes at 50+ on Borderlands 2 but if you have still have low level characters on it you can still feel free to add me as i constantly make new alts for people lower level then my 6 primary classes. I have made over 50 alts on BL2. Each one of them created with the intention of deleting them when they were no longer needed (although many of them have not yet been deleted, mainly because the ones left happen to be at pretty conveniently spaced out levels which is nice for if i happen to play with someone who’s at a mid-low level like 25 or 40). I have no problem with doing this thanks to Badass Rank (i certainly wouldn’t have been willing to do this with BL1).

Because TPS is still new i haven’t had to make too many extra classes yet although i have had to make a few duplicates already. But luckily i decided to do my best to level my primary 6 as evenly spaced out as possible to make it where i can work on my primary classes as much as possible. They are still fairly spaced out at the moment.

I don’t have a ton of experience with Raid bosses because on ps3 it could be rare to come across people who had both the dlc and mics as well as the desire to fight the raid bosses. That said i have been wanting to fight them properly for years now and would love some people who be willing to fight them a good bit with me.

Before i forget i always always use a mic and i will definitely prefer people who have mics over people who don’t. Mics make the experience far more enjoyable for me and i will almost always join a game with someone with a mic over someone without a mic (assuming both options were available).

Also if your Badass Rank is in the Billions i’m also not interested in playing with you. I find no enjoyment in watching other people 1 shot the bosses before i can shoot them a single time. Same applies to hacked Skills Points.

My PSN is BigBadDogIV
Make sure You Add The Words “Handsome Collection” or at the very least “BLHC” so i know that the friend request is from someone here and not somewhere else.

I will go ahead and add that anyone who feels this playstyle is compatible with them should feel free to post there PSN in the comments below so that others can also add you. If you want to add a exception(s) to the above description feel free too (for example if you are ok with power leveling you can feel free to put your PSN and just say your ok with power leveling or something similar)

Hi BigBadDogIV, I would like to play the BLHC with you. My PSN is Mashal13. I am still thinking about buying it or not because the game is a lot more fun playing with other people than playing it solo. I have completed BL2 On the ps3 a couple of times but I have never played PS. I would like to know your experience with PS. Is it fun and different etc… If PS is a fun game, I will buy it and play with you :slight_smile: .

Hey, this is OP. I’m using this account at the moment because i temporally can’t access my primary forum account.

In regards to whether you will like TPS or not i think i can prolly help with this. Since you have played BL2 i think i can use that as a way to help you figure out if you like it. BL2 and TPS have a lot more similarity’s then differences. I’ll start with this before getting anymore specific. If you really like BL2 you will prolly also really like TPS.

You play as 6 new VH’s in TPS. All 6 of these characters are well done and bring the same enjoyment and diversity as the VH’s in BL2 (Claptrap is especially a shining example something TPS does right) Unlike BL1 and BL2 most of these characters actually already existed in the known BL Lore before they were playable. Characters like Wilhelm and Nisha (the sheriff from lynchwood) from BL2. Athena from the Knoxx DLC for BL1. Claptrap who’s been here since the very beginning of everything when we first stepped off the Bus at the Beginning of BL1 (i’ll also point out that i can’t give whoever designed Claptrap’s skills, play style and his unique differences due to him being the BL Franchise Mascot enuff credit. It’s rare you see a character with the extreme significance of Claptrap done so perfectly, respectfully and appropriately as Claptrap was done in this game). You don’t get to play as the actual Handsome Jack but one of the playable characters is a body double for him and the awesome thing is even though his characters dialogue isn’t so Handsome Jack his Skills and Abilities all exactly what you would expect if he was the Actual Handsome Jack (which is my way of attempting to explain he plays exactly like Handsome Jack would). There’s also the Baroness but she is completely new to the BL lore but it should be noted that she is Sir. Hammerlock’s sister. She could be considering pre-existing in a cheating kind of way meaning she was referenced in the second dlc for TPS while she was technically the third dlc.

Also as long as were talking about DLC’s i’ll go ahead and let you know that the people who whined and demanded that the $30 season pass for BL2 cover the prolly $100+ dollars of DLC BL2 got were obviously listened when they were making TPS. So while the other games had 4 full DLC and the DLC character’s as extra stuff you could buy that’s not the case with TPS. Because the Season Pass covers every single DLC TPS will ever get it makes it so they are very limited on how much DLC they can continue to make for TPS without starting to lose money every time they make a new dlc for it. So in order to make those people happy and keep with their goal of at least 2 new DLC characters for BL games they had too include the 2 characters into 2 of the season pass slots. However it should definitely be stated tho that the campaign DLC we did get Claptastic Voyage is definitely no joke and is in true BL’s fashion a ground-breaking amount of content and value for a mere 10 dollars (although Handsome Collection buyers get it all free). They actually in my and many people’s opinions actually out did the tiny tina DLC for BL2. Before this the Tiny Tina’s DLC was in my opinion the most the most value i have ever gotten from a product with a price tag of $10 (i say it like this because i payed less then $10 for it just like everyone else who got the BL2 season pass). But ya, Claptastic Voyage actually holds this record for me now.

The game introduces a new core Battle Mechanic. There mostly referred to as Oz Kits but a easier way to explain them is just too tell you that they seem to be BL’s way of adding the Mobility Staple that the FPS shooter genre has fairly recently picked up (after Titanfall made it Popular) and that are being added to just about every single FPS franchise now days no matter how long they have already been around (like COD and Halo). Oz Kits are done pretty darn well and stay True to the feel and the theme of Borderlands. Oz kits are not only a Mobility addition. They are a new method of attacking that are just as important and useful to the BL battle system as it’s Grenades are. And just like BL grenades, Oz Kits are a new piece of Gear that you will be finding and upgrading as you do with all the rest of your gear (however the perks of Oz Kits are quite a bit more varied and interesting then grenade perks have ever been). Oz Kits are so well done that even people who hate TPS almost all Agree they Loved The Oz Kits.

The quality of the Humor in TPS is very dependent on you personally. It’s not the same Humor from BL2. The humor is supposed to be Australian Humor (because it’s made by 2k Australia). I imagine if Australian Humor is your thing there prolly Hilarius. I live in America and i think it’s pretty safe to say that after playing TPS Australian Humor is definitely not my thing. There really wasn’t any joke that i found too funny. In fact most of the jokes were so unfunny to me that i wasn’t sure whether or not it was intended as a joke or if it was just plain awkward writing. Some time’s they’ll say something that was obviously supposed to be intended as joke because it obviously doesn’t make sense to be awkward writing and almost always when this happened my reaction to it wasn’t laughing or chuckling or anything of that nature. Instead I was analyzing the wording in attempt to figure out why that joke was supposed to be funny in the first place. Here’s a example of what I’m talking about. It’s within the first minute of this video. If you want to avoid spoilers don’t go past 1:00 because i didn’t check any farther then that for spoilers before deciding too use it. It’s the part about the soldier Athena cut that “survived” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-hjTlKssz14. As a final statement to this part of my description. This line in the Tiny Tina’s DLC from BL2 made me laugh more when i first heard it then the entire Pre-Sequel combined: “Respawning, It’s like Reincarnation, without the bulls***.” -New-U Station.

However, the story for TPS is definitely very good and so good in fact that most regard it as even better then BL2’s story. It show’s Handsome Jack’s Rise to Power as well as the series of event’s that slowly changed him from a Hero into a Insane Tyrant.

In my opinion it is easily worthy of the BL’s franchise. There’s quite a few people that hate it tho but i have yet to see a legitimate reason that isn’t blown INSANELY out of proportion (e.g. respawnable bosses, which btw is fixed now) or is just straight up not true and pretty stupid mistake when looked at in context (Many People claim BL2 launched with 2 raid bosses and TPS only launched with 1. This is untrue however because BL2 and TPS both launched with 2 different Raid Bosses. Both of them had one that was revealed with a quest and one that was hidden. Ironically Verminous takes like 1-2+ hours of tediousness and requires luck to be spawned and Iwajiwa takes about 15 to 30 seconds of traveling time and is guaranteed to always spawn). The respawnable bosses thing has been made in to a absurdly bigger deal then it ever should have been. I’ll state my 2 biggest reasons for this but there are more then these. 1. Because although farming bosses was the way end game worked in Borderlands 2 it was very evident this game had a completely different intended method for end game farming. And by that i mean the grinder. Grinder is a new thing you can use to combine guns to make new stronger guns. The game launched with enuff respawnable bosses where you could get anything you needed for the recipes the grinders used but it was the obvious that the legendary’s you got from killing bosses were obviously meant to be taken to the grinder since the grinder was the only way to get a luneshine bonus on the gun’s. So there was not and has never been a point in TPS where you could get the best end game stuff from killing a boss. And keep in mind people were going as far as to say there is no end game in TPS because of this. When the whole time there has been a end game but just not the one they wanted and/or was used too. And 2. The second reason is one that still makes me face palm to this day. A massive part of the reason that the Pre-Sequel wasn’t received anywhere near as well is because the main youtubers who do borderlands videos were the ones who blew it out of proportion the most. Because the Grinder doesn’t need specific items and just specific types of gear and pretty much any legendary piece of gear is just as good to the grinder as any other legendary of that type of gear and then this also combined with the fact that they increased the chances of finding really good gear in the vending machines a huge amount (legendary’s being found in the vending machines is fairly common) people realized they could farm legendary’s even faster by farming vending machines. So then after they got a bunch of gold and purple guns for grinding they can try to grind them to get the gear you want. The recipes are made so you can get what ever type of gear or whatever type of gun you want but if you want a specific legendary in that type then you have to hope you randomly get it (for example if you want a 88 Fragnum which is a Torgue Legendary Pistol then you can use the recipe to make a Legendary Pistol. Although this will guarantee you get a random Legendary Pistol there is no Guarantee it will be the 88 Fragnum). So because of this there is a little bit more randomness in TPS end game’s then there was in BL2. However the problem i have with the Main Borderlands youtubers is this (and this is the real kicker here) These guys say that TPS is “Garbage” and/or “Completely Bad” only because there is a little more Randomness in the end game then there was in previous games. But when Borderlands competitor’s end game is completely 100% Butt F*** Random their A OK with it? Hypocrisy much?..

Kinda went into a absurdly excessive amount of details and even rambled a bit but i think you get what i’m trying to say. Sorry about getting really long winded and maybe even a little off topic. It’s been a long day i’m pretty wore out so my finesse with explaining this isn’t so hot here (plus I’m Autistic so that never really benefits my ability to explain stuff)

In conclusion, If you like BL2 you should prolly try TPS because you will prolly enjoy it also.

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Woah, that was a very long answer xd. I have seen some gameplay of TPS and I loved it. I don’t know when I will buy it but i will definitely buy it because of you. Thanks for the detailed answer. You can add me if you want and i will message you when I buy BLHC. Ty! ( btw im from the netherlands and 16 years old )

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When you state " HC" do you mean Op8?

I mean Handsome Collection.

Hi BigBadDogIV, I bought BOHC today, I dont know what your timezone is so i wont know when you will come online, I live in the netherlands so its +1 hour.

My PS4’s back from being repaired now so your added.