Looking for powerleveller BL2

Game: Borderlands 2
Current level: 14 Commando
Desired level: As high as you are willing to go
Console: PS4

I don’t have much in the way of trade for any help offered to me, I have a level 50 siren to help any lowbie. I also have a level 28 legendary siren class mod. I have a few level 72 weapons someone dropped for me too. Any help would be appreciated.

I can help you in a few hours if no one has helped you by then.

Thanks, throw me a request whenever you can mate.

Charizard was kind enough to get me to level 34 :slight_smile: Need some help to get more levels!

[quote=“TeH_KoJ, post:4, topic:544493, full:true”]
Charizard was kind enough to get me to level 34 Need some help to get more levels
[/quote] Anyone care to help me powerlevel some more? If not I wouldn’t mind just someone to play with :smiley:

I can powerlevel you but can you repay the favor?

I don’t have a level 72 unfortunately :frowning: If you got me to 72 I would repay the favour though.

what class is it?

Commando, currently level 35

I see well add me on psn facehugger_89 and if I got free time I will level you also im aussie so mite not always be on at the same time as you

Nice, sent you a request mate

also do you have all the dlc? because bar room brawl is one of the best ways to level people

Yeah I got all DLC mate

just getting to a checkpoint I will invite ya when im ready

Nice :slight_smile:

Facehugger got me to level 45, anyone care to power me up some more? :slight_smile:

bump :frowning:

when I get home from work I can level you some more; once you get to 50+ its going to start getting slower

Yeah I’m 52 now and it’s so slow levelling :frowning: how some people have multiple 72 characters is beyond me

certain characters are easier like krieg and gunzerker are really strong leveling compared to say axton/maya