Looking for powerlevelling

Game: Borderlands 2
Class: Siren
Level: 52
Desired level: 72

Would really appreciate any help that can be given. I’m struggling to level further tbh >.<

If no-one can powerlevel I’m also up for just co-op some missions. My PSN is TeH_KoJ

Will give love for power levels :frowning:

Okay since literally no-one will powerlevel, what is the best way to level at 57+? Coz I literally can’t level higher. :blush:

Farm any of these bosses: The Warrior, BNK-3R or Tinder Snowflake.

@Angelripper on true vault hunter? Coz on UVHM I can’t even kill the bullymongs at the start lol

On UVHM. What level are your weapons?

I have level 50 legendaries, but they do no damage at all to enemies on UVHM.

Do you have any golden keys? If you do, hit up the gold chest in Sanctuary.

Nah I don’t, I tried to get shift keys but apparently they are only given to people who played on the same console years ago, which is stupid xD

I can power level psn lolaprei

@LoLaPrEi Thanks mate, I’ll add you

Can someone help me power level to lvl 72 currently 42 pan anuk666 thanks