Looking for ppl to play with on xbox 360

I’m a level 59 Siren, I just bought the season pass, I’m playing in UVHM atm. just looking for people who play lol no one on my friends list play BL2. I don’t have the headhunter dlc packs yet. my Gt. FearfulEmperor

You can add me if you’d like.
Gt: BTK420247


And me as well. I have all the DLC.

GT: Malksrule

XBL GT: RieverStyx20 Pacific timezone usually on 9 pm till midnight L40 commando, just started TVHM.

All characters at 72;
OP8 Gunzerker/Mechromancer
OP5 Siren/ Commando
I play from 5-8 central time, and would love help farming for a twister (if somebody would trade or dupe me one i would be forever grateful)

Ive got a level 72 zer0 ,gunzerker and commando and up for UVHM
GT: Terracraft0King