Looking for ppl to play with

Hello Add me, I am always looking for other co-op friends to play with. Most of my friends all have ps4s or not interested in Borderlands.

My psn is JONESHOUSE22, I only play with ppl that have mics tho. Add me, I will be willing to start from scratch if need be. Hope to see you soon

I would be more than happy to play wit you but I am on ps4! :smile: …I think you should just upgrade to ps4 bro! Graphics are WAY better and the game runs alot smoother anyways!

hey assasin! i’m looking for ps4 players!
add me psn is: runzelfut

Yea but need to pay some bills before I can even think about purchasing a ps4. However I may take advantage of Fingerhut pay by the month deal they got going on. If I do upgrade, I will hit yall up

For sure bro, its worth it! Good luck!

Will do man… SilentAssasin425 if you want to send me an friend request!

Add me if anyone needs someone to play with on the ps4. Darkpriestxx looking for people to do the bigger bosses on the pre sequel or the ghostbusters trophy. My first time playing thru these so I just started the 2nd so I’m not far in it but I’ve finished the pre sequel and I’m lvl 40 clap trap in it.

done that :wink: