Looking for pro Xbox team

Looking for good player that know what they’re doing and can play top picks and work as a team and know how to choose a good comp and adapt. If battle born goes to pro league. Good with: thorn, galilea, miko, mellka, Montana, shayne, Oscar. Still trying to get great with the rest.

im intersted. I play kelven,toby,boulder,orengi…I also have a brother who plays momtana…i want to form a tournament pro team as well…Gt Rbd Reezzzeen

what is your Gt

I know the misspell wasn’t intentional but he will forever be “Momtana” to me now. Thank you, this gave me a good laugh and made my day.

Lol welcome

My GT is ixHouse

ix House

Sweet ill be on later today currwntly at work its 12.pm will be on at 6pm central

Gt: Swag like Kirby. I know it’s childish I’m looking to change it. I was 13 when I made it. Will be on tomorrow may 10th

Ill add

Hey there. Ive moved your thread to the x1 co op category. Best of luck!

Im up for this, GT: Z38 TP

Ill add curently at work its 1pm will be on at 6 pm central

oh, im UTC 0 so this wont work

im down, GT: WULFeisha

Hey you guys I feel the same way as all of you. need really great players to play with I also have a buddy with me that’s just as good as I am maybe even better

GT’s: US1 x money and US1 x Sparkenit

They more the merrier. If we get enough we can play private matches 5v5 and teach each other what we need to work on and see who needs improvement and what team comps work and don’t

Thank you :slight_smile:

I’m on right now nick if. U want to send me a message I would love to talk about ■■■■ like that and play some

I’m actually at my gf’s and spending the night here and I’ll be home after my 8am final tomorrow and possibly on all day